DOA Inspection Fee
What is a DOA inspection fee?

Ohio requires rental items including bounce houses, obstacle courses, slides, and most other inflatable games and rides to be licensed and insured. The Department of Agriculture (DOA), Division of Amusement Ride Safety is responsible for these inspections and to insure all rental companies are compliant with state laws.

Starting in 2020, the DOA has increased their permit fees by 50%.  In the past we have been able to absorb the cost of inspections, however with this recent price increase we are forced to pass a proton of this increase to our costumers. All items we rent, that require an inspection, will have a line item charge of between $9 and $14. This fee is per rental, not per day. Only items that require an inspections will have this fee added.

This change has forced a number of rental companies to close. Game Craze will remain open and compliant with local, state, and federal laws. We are accepting reservations from our valued customers as well as from companies that may have been affected by this change, including, Bounce-A-Round out of Youngstown, Awesome Inflatables out of Grafton, and any other company that has had to close due to the high fees imposed by the Department of Agriculture.

How much does the Department of Agriculture charge to inspect a bounce house?

There are two annual charges for each item that is inspected. The first charge is the Permit Fee of $225. The second fee is an inspection fee of $104. Total cost of $329 per year, for each and every bounce house, slide, and obstacle course we rent.  A typical inflatable inspection takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

Why not just increase the cost of your bounce house rentals?

We thought of that but we operate in Ohio and Michigan. Michigan has no inspection fees so we felt it was not fair to charge Michigan residents an Ohio only fee.

What can you do?

We don’t feel these fees are appropriate and are bad for business and competition. They are driving up the cost of renting inflatables for private parties and company events. Make your voice heard by contacting your local congressman or by calling, emailing, faxing, or writing the Division of Amusement Ride Safety:

8995 East Main Street
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068-3399
Fax: (614) 728-6416
Phone: (614) 728-6280

Additionally, any ride company that is not compliant should be reported to the DOA Click Here to Report a Non Compliant Company

We appreciate your business and understanding of this additional cost

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