Human Hamster Balls

Human Hamster Balls

Climb into one of our huge ten foot spheres and run, jump and spin your way to a great party. Giant human hamster ball parties are a fun, family friendly, and affordable activity.

Game modes include:

  • Roll Around – Just have fun, perfect for younger kids.
  • Race – Race your friends and family, fun for all ages.
  • Battle – Great for older kids and adults. Ram into your opponent and send them flying!
  • Tag – Recreate a classic game of tag, this time with Hamster Balls.

Hamster balls work best in large, flat, and open places. Parks, large backyards, and school gyms are perfect locations. Hamster balls can not be used on abrasive outdoor surfaces such as concrete and asphalt.

Customer Rating: 4.6 of 5 (104 votes)

Can only be used on open, flat, grassy area or inside a gym. Outside temperature must be 55°F or higher. Maximum rider weight: 180lbs. Set of 2

Human Hamster Balls

Human Hamster Balls

Electricity: Requires 1 dedicated 15/20 Amp Circuit(s)
Learn More About Power Requirements
Space Needed: Minimum 30W x 60'L x 12'H




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