Paintball Shooting Gallery

shootgallery1Paintball fun with out the mess! Our shooting gallery uses real paintball guns but instead of paint filled balls, the paintballs we use are solid rubber so there’s no mess. This self contained shooting gallery allows two players at a time to enter and blast away at the themed backdrop, features an electronic scoreboard. Choose from Wild West or Space Invader themes. Includes the gallery, theme, guns, paintless paintballs, face protection.

stg-space07 Space invader theme. Blast the aliens and watch your score climb!

stg-ww07Wild wild west theme. Mosey on down and show us what you are made of…

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Truly the most unique and challenging inflatable shooting gallery available today! Two opponents attempt to hit the moving lit-up targets with paint ball guns shooting paintless paintballs.

Paintball Shooting Gallery

Paintball Shooting Gallery

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Electricity: Requires 1 dedicated 15/20 Amp Circuit(s)
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Space Needed: 15'W x 30’L x 11'H


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