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panel_upgradeDon’t underestimate  the power of power

Most of our rides, games and concessions are powered by electricity, a lot of electricity. In fact we require a dedicated circuit for each item you rent. The reason is simple, without adequate power your event may not turn out the way you want. The most common mistake people make is confusing a circuit with a plug. This article will give you the basics on how to ensure power requirements are met.

The electrical requirements for each item can be found on your contract and on each product page of this web site. The number of dedicated circuits needed for each item is listed as:

Electricity: Requires 2 dedicated 15/20 Amp Circuit(s)

This is the number of dedicated circuits needed for that item. In this example, you will need to provide 2 dedicated circuits for the item to work properly.

What is a dedicated circuit? A dedicated circuit is set aside with a specific purpose, with its own circuit breaker in your electrical box. A dedicated circuit is intended for use with a single appliance only. No other appliances will be plugged into or utilize the energy from this circuit, making it “dedicated” to that single appliance. Dedicated circuits ensure major appliances that draw a lot of electrical current are able to access the energy they need without overloading your system, blowing a fuse or tripping a circuit breaker. More information on dedicated circuits can be found online or by clicking here.

Market Circuits

Marking outlets – The best way to ensure your rides and games will not experience down time due to inadequate power is to label the outlets. If your breaker box was labeled by the electrician who installed it, you should be able to figure out which outlet goes with each circuit. If it’s not labeled you will need to use a circuit breaker finder.  Once you figure out which outlets go with which circuit, label them as such.

Generator Rentals

Outlets must be within 100′ of the setup area. We will provide up to 100′ of extension cord for each inflatable. Connecting multiple cords is not recommended and may result in blown fuses.

Don’t meet power requirements, don’t worry we have you covered! Game Craze rents generators. Let us take care of all your power needs.

Basic generator guidelines:

35000w generator = 1 dedicated circuit
5500w generator = 2 dedicated circuits
8000w generator = 3 dedicated circuits
11000w generator = 6 dedicated circuits
17500w generator = 10 dedicated circuits

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