Big Glove Boxing
Rent inflatable big glove boxing for your next event

In Big Glove Boxing two opponents use ridiculously large and soft gloves to go a few rounds together. Opponents bounce around in an inflatable boxing ring as they struggle to lift their gloves and connect. Boxing is usually a violent sport, but that is far from true with our inflatable Big Glove Boxing. The over sized gloves are difficult to maneuver, and combined with the inflatable floor, it becomes a clumsy, laugh-out-loud, entertaining spectacle. So, naturally, Big Glove Boxing always draws a good crowd. Additionally each participant is required to wear head gear for even more protection.

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More comical than violent, with these huge gloves, our Big Glove Boxing is just as fun as it is silly.

Big Glove Boxing

Big Glove Boxing

Electricity: Requires 1 dedicated 15/20 Amp Circuit(s)
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Space Needed: 25'W x 25'L x 12'H


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13′ boxing ring shown in video, rental will be for a larger 15′ ring.

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We generally recommend this for middle school and older kids or adults because they ten to have more fun in it. The younger crowd, while eager to try and fun to watch, struggle to lift the gloves and tire of it quickly. When that happens, we just let them bounce and jump around inside for a while.



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