Beer Mugs Happy Birthday Yard Greeting

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This Happy Birthday Ohio Yard Greeting rental sign is great for adults! Includes the 2' letters, beer mugs, balloons, and the age! As with any Yard Greeting, Game Craze can add the person's name on the lawn too.

If you want a different saying on the lawn, just let us know. We can customize it how you want!

Forget the Card.... Fill the Yard! Our professionally designed, brightly colored Happy Birthday and Over the Hill Lawn signs will help make that special day a wonderful memory. It's fun, easy and affordable! Choose from many Yard Greeting and Lawn Card styles that we personalize with your extra special touch. Just imagine the reaction... give a SURPRISE they will never forget!

Beer Mugs Happy Birthday Yard Greeting

Beer Mugs Happy Birthday Yard Greeting

Electricity: Requires 0 dedicated 15/20 Amp Circuit(s)
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