Trackless Train

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Rent a trackless train!

You get the full train with open top coal car, two standard covered carts and one 1/2 covered caboose. Up to 16 passengers at a time. Adults and children are welcome to ride. Includes a themed conductor with overalls and a cap. 

All electric, can be used indoors or out. Can be used to transport guests from one area, parking, to another or just for fun during an event.

Train rental price is $200 per hour plus $50 per hour for the conductor (minimum 4 hr conductor charge regardless of train rental time). There is a 3 hr minimum rental time for Saturday or out of area rentals.

Outdoor use must be on a flat, level, cement or hardwood / carpeted area. No curbs, gravel, or grass please.

Trackless Train

Trackless Train

Electricity: Requires 0 dedicated 15/20 Amp Circuit(s)
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Space Needed:




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