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PopNoggins Setup

PopNoggins video green screen setup at John S. Night Center for Synchrony Financial.

Looking to go above and beyond a photo booth? Try a video booth! Much like the classic photo booth, your guests will be able to capture and keep a lasting memory for years to come – but this time, that memory comes in the form of a video that you can enjoy time and time again!

Here’s how it works: both of our video booths have the same concept. Guests will be seated in front of a green screen back drop, then covered from the neck down with a green cape. Our program takes only your guest’s head and then superimposes them onto the body of an animated dancer or superhero! The hardware and software then combine what our camera captures and merges it together with audio and video to create a fun and crazy personalized memory. Each guest will receive a DVD with the video for them to take home.

Video Booths Available For Rent

Dance Heads – A two person booth that is great for both indoor and outdoor events. Easy to use, guests scroll through available songs and start the session using buttons inside the booth. An attendant is provided to help answer questions and give guests their DVDs which are in a full color Dance Heads branded sleeve.

PopNoggins – Just like Dance Heads but on a larger scale. Up to 5 guests can participate at a time. Two large speakers fill a room with sound and with a total of 4 video monitors, everyone can watch the action in real time. Indoor setup is recommended. Two attendants are required to operate. Guests receive a non branded, white DVD in a white sleeve.

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