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Product Information:

Available with many different themes, this bounce house adds character to your themed party. We have firemen, dinosaurs, princesses and MORE!!! This bounce house is best with ages 3 to 12.This rental will add that final touch you are looking for for your party!

Available with any of the theme banners listed below:

All Aboard Train1597759105553 612011 Themed Bounce House

Animal Birthday1597759105637 572993 Themed Bounce House

Ballerina1597759105702 836645 Themed Bounce House

Baseball1597759105768 723952 Themed Bounce House

Basketball1597759105831 670299 Themed Bounce House

Curious George1597759105897 911487 Themed Bounce House

Toy Story
1597759105975 619026 Themed Bounce House

Dinosaur Party1597759106044 652143 Themed Bounce House

Fireman1597759106114 159565 Themed Bounce House

Football1597759106178 720733 Themed Bounce House

Frozen1597759106240 679170 Themed Bounce House

Graduation1597759106294 127412 Themed Bounce House

Halloween Characters1597759106356 607719 Themed Bounce House

Halloween Pumpkin1597759106411 859846 Themed Bounce House

Happy Birthday1597759106471 730052 Themed Bounce House

Happy Birthday Balloons1597759106529 114088 Themed Bounce House

It’s a Girl Thing1597759106591 498697 Themed Bounce House

Jungle1597759106647 208338 Themed Bounce House

Stock Car
1597759106705 860540 Themed Bounce House

Lil’ Princess1597759106768 995960 Themed Bounce House

Monster Truck1597759106827 524009 Themed Bounce House

neutral banner / no theme1597759106879 320491 Themed Bounce House

Operator1597759106944 271441 Themed Bounce House

Pirate1597759107001 536169 Themed Bounce House

1597759107061 927153 Themed Bounce House

Santa Clause1597759107120 393410 Themed Bounce House

Soccer1597759107189 229004 Themed Bounce House


Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

15 x 15 x 13

Space Needed:

20’W x 20’L x 14’H


  • all aboard train mod 459568726 Themed Bounce HouseAll Aboard Train

    Have fun with this train theme for your little conductors party! Choo choo!!!

  • animal20birthday20art20panel 494311731 Themed Bounce HouseAnimal Birthday

    This birthday have a ROARING good time with this animal birthday theme.

    This animal birthday themed bounce house is purrfect for all ages parties. 

  • ballerinas20art20panel 921537112 Themed Bounce HouseBallerina
  • baseball20art20panel 670382063 Themed Bounce HouseBaseball

    Baseball fun theme – so your party can hit it out of the park!

    This baseball themed bounce house is perfect for your child’s birthday party.

  • basketball20art20panel 434873589 Themed Bounce HouseBasketball

    Get this fun basketball theme and make your party a slam dunk!!!!

    This basketball themed bounce house is perfect for all ages.

  • curious20george20art20panel 771653548 Themed Bounce HouseCurious George

    Make this birthday special for your little one with a Curious George theme. It’s a bananas good time.

    This Curious George Themed Bounce House is perfect for your child’s birthday party.

  • volunteer image 814302 Themed Bounce HouseCustomer to provide a volunteer to operate this item
  • dino20party20art20panel 359045444 Themed Bounce HouseDinosaur Party

    This dinosaur theme will help your little ones have a dino-mite time!!!!

    This dinosaur themed bounce house is perfect for any paleontologists party, big or small!!!

  • fireman20art20panel 644801663 Themed Bounce HouseFireman

    This fireman theme is perfect to bring the heat at your little ones next party!!!!

    This fireman themed bounce house is perfect for your child’s birthday party.

  • football20art20panel 118593822 Themed Bounce HouseFootball

    This football theme is sure to make your next party for your little pro a touch down!!!!

    This football themed bounce house is sure to make any party a hit!!!

  • frozen20art20panel 185874462 Themed Bounce HouseFrozenFrozen theme
  • graduation 17070377 Themed Bounce HouseGraduation

    This theme is perfect for any graduation. Whether it be graduating from elementary school or graduating with your PhD, this theme will make sure you have a bouncing good time.

  • Trick20or20treat20halloween20banner 264841059 Themed Bounce HouseHalloween Characters

    Halloween Banner 

  • 15.20Halloween4Banner500W 538925163 Themed Bounce HouseHalloween Pumpkin

    Halloween Banner

  • happy20birthday20art20panel 105934173 Themed Bounce HouseHappy Birthday
  • happy20birthday20balloons20art20panel 522989103 Themed Bounce HouseHappy Birthday Balloons

    This Happy Birthday theme will make anybody’s birthday party a bit more colorful!!!

    Happy Birthday themed bounce houses are great for young and old parties alike.

  • its20a20girl20thing20art20panel 691513324 Themed Bounce HouseIt’s a Girl Thing
  • jungle20art20panel 337430706 Themed Bounce HouseJungle

    With this jungle themed bounce house, you and everyone at your party will have a wild good time!!

    Perfect for backyards, schools, and corporate events.

  • Kids Birthday

    Help your kiddos have a very happy birthday with this kids birthday theme. 

    This kids birthday themed bounce house is perfect for all you little ones.

  • LilPrincessMod 203416018 Themed Bounce HouseLil’ Princess

    Celebrate your birthday with some of your favorite princesses on this royal occasion. 

    This Disney princess themed bounce house is perfect of children’s birthday parties.

  • monster20truck20art20panel 413157383 Themed Bounce HouseMonster Truck

    Use this monster truck theme at your next little drivers party to have a monster good time!!!!

    This monster truck themed bounce house is perfect for backyard children and adult parties.

  • ArtPanelGameCraze1000 427542206 Themed Bounce Houseneutral banner – no Theme

    If no theme is required the inflate will be primary colors with a neutral banner

  • Operator 23629346 Themed Bounce HouseOperator
  • pirate20art20panel 73633153 Themed Bounce HousePirate

    With this pirate theme bounce house things ARRRR bound to be fun. 

    This pirate themed bounce house is perfect for any backyard or corporate party.

  • Princess

    Use this princess theme to make sure your little ones have a royal good time.

    This princess themed bounce house is perfect for backyard parties for kids and adults.

  • 137 Santa Claus 675078998 Themed Bounce HouseSanta Clause

    HO HO HO!!!! You better be nice, because Santa is coming to town with this themed bounce house to spread Christmas cheer!

    This Santa themed bounce house is perfect for you family or corporate Christmas party.

  • soccer20art20panel 621968115 Themed Bounce HouseSoccer

    Use this soccer theme at your next party for your little kicker and even your guests will yell GOAL!!!!!

    This soccer themed bounce house is perfect for backyard children’s and adult parties.

  • sports20art20panel 807246329 Themed Bounce HouseSports
  • stock20car20art20panel 380958923 Themed Bounce HouseStock Car

    This stock car racing theme is perfect for your little ones who wanna go fast!!!!!!

    This stock car racing themed bounce house is perfect for backyard parties for both children and adults.

  • toystorybuzz2a 163511270 Themed Bounce HouseToy Story

    Use this Toy Story theme for your next party for your little space ranger. Your child can help defeat the evil emperor Zurg and help restore balance in the universe, all while in you backyard.

    This toy story themed bounce house is perfect for backyard parties of children as well as adults.

  • Tropical

    This tropical themed bounce house is perfect for backyard parties for kids and adults.

Product Reviews:

  • 6/6/21SarahAmazing

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