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Product Information:

Leaps and Bounds Inflatable is ready to rent at Game Craze Party Rentals in Norton, Ohio, proudly serving Akron, Canton, and Cleveland! Escalate the fun your event with our thrilling Leaps & Bounds 5 Ball Interactive Inflatable, also known as the Big Baller 5. Unleash your inner ninja or test your leapfrog skills on this inflatable game of agility and excitement.

Picture this: Five giant red balls poised for adventure. Participants, standing at a height of 44 inches or taller, will engage in a heart-pounding challenge, leaping from one ball to the next without a misstep. The vibrant Blue and Marble Gray hues, complemented by the striking Giant Fire Red Balls, will undoubtedly catch the eye and make your event a sensational hit.

Our Leaps & Bounds guarantees a seamless experience with easy climb steps and a quick exit, minimizing wait times and maximizing playtime. Safety is paramount, and we prioritize it with the inclusion of no-fall netting surrounding the unit and a super-soft shock landing, ensuring a secure environment for your participants.

Ideal for teen parties, high school events, school carnivals, church gatherings, and graduations, the Leaps & Bounds 5offers an unforgettable inflatable obstacle course experience. Take on the challenge as you navigate through the five colossal red balls, strategically positioned amidst a blue ball pit resembling a moat. The objective? Reach the platform on the opposite side without a splash!

Even if the moat claims its share of participants, our shock technology turns falling into the ball pit into a sensation akin to falling into water. Safety is further enhanced with cushioned sides, ensuring that participants who take an unexpected plunge land in the designated shock zones.

As engaging to watch as it is to play, the Leaps & Bounds 5 Ball Interactive Inflatable promises to add an extra layer of fun to your next event. Trust Game Craze Party Rentals to deliver an obstacle course unlike any other, designed to challenge and entertain guests of all ages. Book now and let the excitement begin!

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

41′ x 17′ x 14′

Space Needed:

44′ x 19′ x 19″


  • volunteer image 814302 Leaps and Bounds inflatable InteractiveCustomer to provide a volunteer to operate this item
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