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Product Information:


Experience the Thrill of the Log Jammer:

Imagine this: You and three of your buddies find yourselves floating on tree stumps in the aftermath of an explosion at the local mill. Tree logs are hurtling through the air, threatening to knock you into the roaring river below. The question is: Do you jump or do you duck the log? Your balance is your lifeline in this heart-pounding game. Stay on your stump, and you remain in the competition. Lose your footing, and you'll make your way to the exit, allowing another eager contestant to take your place.

The Log Jammer is more than just a game; it's an exhilarating challenge that puts your agility, balance, and endurance to the test. The entire setup is designed to immerse you in the action, making it feel like you're floating on a precarious stump, with floating logs threatening to send you into the raging river.

Log Jammer Rental Highlights:

  • Our Log Jammer rental includes two trained operators who will ensure the safe and smooth operation of the game throughout a four-hour period.
  • For your convenience, if you're renting other attractions from Game Craze Party Rentals, the start time for the Log Jammer can be synchronized with the starting rental period of your other choices. You also have the option to extend the Log Jammer's rental time to align with the rental period of your other selections for an additional cost.

How to Play the Log Jammer:

Four players stand on pedestals, facing the mechanical log that swings unpredictably. Players must use their wits and agility to jump and duck, avoiding the swinging log. Rest assured, safety is our priority, and there's plenty of padding on the “log.” In case you lose your balance, a soft inflatable awaits to catch you.

Surviving the Log Jammer is no easy feat! Four participants find themselves trapped, floating in a swamp on tree stumps, trying to evade the swinging log stumps. The excitement is palpable as you decide whether to jump or duck. And as if that weren't enough, hungry alligators add an extra layer of tension to the game, waiting for any missteps!

The Log Jammer is a crowd-pleaser that delivers non-stop action and unforgettable moments. Book it for your next event with Game Craze Party Rentals and watch your guests get hooked on the challenge. Don't miss out on this thrilling adventure!

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

Space Needed:

20’W x 25’L x 12’H


  • Customer to provide one volunteer for setup and teardown.
  • Operator 23629346 Log JammerOperator
  • Second person required for setup and teardown.

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