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Product Information:

Trackless Train Pacific Engine 711491 Trackless Train

   Click Picture to view the train in motion!

All Aboard the Game Craze Express: Trackless Train Rental for Unforgettable Events!

Experience the magic of a real trackless train at your next event with Game Craze Party Rentals. Perfect for all occasions, our authentic 1800's-style locomotive comes with trained staff, a working bell and whistle, and can accommodate up to 12-14 passengers. Book now for an unforgettable experience!”

Game Craze Party Rentals: Your Destination for Authentic Trackless Train Rentals

At Game Craze Party Rentals, we take train rides to a whole new level with our authentic Trackless Train Rental. Unlike the typical makeshift trains you might have seen, our Trackless Train is the real deal! It boasts all the classic features and design of an antique locomotive, transporting your guests back to the 1800s for a unique and memorable experience. Get ready to hear the excitement as your guests line up to hop on board the Game Craze Express!

The Game Craze Express Experience: Styled after a 1800's steam engine train, the Game Craze Express is not just a ride; it's an immersive journey into the past. Here's why it's a must-have for your next event:

  • Trained Engineer and Conductor: Our Trackless Train comes with a skilled engineer and conductor, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of your guests throughout the ride.
  • Authentic 1800's Railway Whistle: Feel the nostalgia as our train blows an authentic railway whistle, adding an extra layer of realism to the experience.

Versatility for All Occasions: The Game Craze Express is perfect for a wide range of events and celebrations, including:

  • Entertaining Guests
  • Corporate Events
  • Grand Openings
  • Halloween and Holiday Parties
  • Company Picnics
  • School Functions
  • Product Promotion
  • Church Functions
  • Fundraisers
  • Opening Day
  • Festivals and Street Fairs
  • Sporting Events
  • Block Parties
  • Open Houses
  • and much more!

Comfort and Safety Guaranteed: Our trackless train consists of three cars, comfortably accommodating up to 12-14 passengers as they ride around and enjoy your event. Children and adults alike will love the working bell and whistle, providing an authentic and memorable train ride experience. With a trained driver at the helm, rest assured that safety is our top priority.

Book the Game Craze Express Today! Elevate your event with the charm and excitement of a real trackless train ride. The Game Craze Express is a crowd-pleaser that will leave your guests with cherished memories. Secure your booking today and let the adventure begin! Contact Game Craze Party Rentals now to reserve your spot on the tracks.

Our gasoline train are powered by a twin cylinder internal combustion engine with electric start and feature a hydrostatic drive for smooth starts and stops. Simple to operate and easy to maintain, these trains are perfect for any outdoor application. 

Our train design mimics the iconic All-American style locomotive of the early 1800's with  a classic train bell, steam-style whistle, and headlight. Sized for both children and adult riders. Game Craze Party Rentals Train is the perfect choice for your Northeast Ohio Event!

At Game Craze Party Rentals, we're proud to serve the residents of Northeast Ohio and surrounding areas with our trackless train rental service. From bustling cities to charming towns and picturesque townships, we bring the Game Craze Express to communities throughout Northeast Ohio including:

Summit County: Akron, Barberton, Cuyahoga Falls, Green, Hudson, New Franklin, Stow, Tallmadge, Twinsburg, Bath Township, Boston Township, Clinton, Copley Township, Coventry Township, Northfield Center Township, Richfield Township, Sagamore Hills Township, Springfield Township

Medina County: Brunswick, Medina, Wadsworth, Chippewa Lake, Gloria Glens Park, Lodi, Seville, Westfield Center, Brunswick Hills Township, Chatham Township, Granger Township, Guilford Township, Harrisville Township, Hinckley Township, Homer Township, Lafayette Township, Litchfield Township, Liverpool Township, Medina Township, Montville Township, Sharon Township, Spencer Township, Wadsworth Township, Westfield Township, York Township

Wayne County: Wooster, Orrville, Rittman, Apple Creek, Burbank, Congress, Creston, Dalton, Doylestown, Marshallville, Mount Eaton, Shreve, Smithville, West Salem, Baughman Township, Canaan Township, Chester Township, Chippewa Township, Clinton Township, Congress Township, East Union Township, Franklin Township, Green Township, Milton Township, Paint Township, Plain Township, Salt Creek Township, Sugar Creek Township, Wayne Township, and Wooster Township

Portage County: Ravenna, Kent, Aurora, Streetsboro, Brady Lake, Garrettsville, Hiram, Mantua, Mogadore, Windham, Atwater Township, Aurora Township, Brady Township, Charlestown Township, Deerfield Township, Edinburg Township, Franklin Township, Freedom Township, Hiram Township, Mantua Township, Nelson Township, Palmyra Township, Paris Township, Randolph Township, Ravenna Township, Rootstown Township, Shalersville Township, Suffield Township, and Windham Township

Cuyahoga County:  Cleveland, Parma, Lakewood, Euclid, Cleveland Heights, Strongsville, North Olmsted, Westlake, North Royalton, Garfield Heights, Shaker Heights, Solon, Maple Heights, South Euclid, Rocky River, Parma Heights, Brook Park, Mayfield Heights, Broadview Heights, Berea, Lyndhurst, Bay Village, Seven Hills, Beachwood, Middleburg Heights, University Heights, Bedford, Brooklyn, Bedford Heights, Richmond Heights, Highland Heights, Pepper Pike, Independence, Brecksville, Brooklyn Heights, Moreland Hills, Walton Hills, Orange, North Randall, Valley View, Glenwillow, Woodmere, Bratenahl, Highland Hills, Hunting Valley, Cuyahoga Heights, Linndale, Newburgh Heights, Chagrin Falls Township and Olmsted Township

Stark County: Canton, Massillon, Alliance, North Canton, Jackson Township, Perry Township, Plain Township, Lake Township, Canton Township, Nimishillen Township, Osnaburg Township, Paris Township, Lexington Township, Sandy Township, Marlboro Township, Lawrence Township, Bethlehem Township, Pike Township, Lake Township, Sugar Creek Township, Tuscarawas Township and Washington Township

Welcome aboard the Game Craze Express Trackless Train, where the adventure never ends and fun awaits around every corner! Here's what kids and families can expect when they hop on board:

  • Magical Journey: Get ready for a magical journey through a world of excitement and wonder! The Game Craze Express Trackless Train is your ticket to an unforgettable adventure filled with surprises.
  • Colorful Decorations: As you approach the train, you'll be greeted by vibrant colors and playful decorations that set the stage for a fantastic ride. From festive banners to sparkling lights, the train is a sight to behold!
  • Immersive Soundtrack: The train comes alive with an immersive soundtrack that adds to the excitement of the journey. From upbeat tunes to thrilling sound effects, every moment on the Game Craze Express Trackless Train is filled with energy and joy.
  • Photo Opportunities: Capture unforgettable memories with photo opportunities throughout the ride. Strike a pose a silly pose in front of  the Game Craze Express Trackless Train is the perfect backdrop for family photos.
  • Unforgettable Memories: As the ride comes to an end, you'll be left with memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it's the thrill of the games, the laughter of your loved ones, or the magic of the journey itself, riding on the Game Craze Express Trackless Train is an experience you'll never forget!


Magical “Choo-Choo” Sound: Imagine trains making the sound “choo-choo” like they're talking to each other! It's like they're saying, “Let's go on an adventure!”

  • Train Tracks: The Superhero Rails: Train tracks are like superhero paths that guide trains safely to their destinations. They're strong and shiny, just like superhero armor!
  • Turntables: The Spinners of the Train World: Turntables are like giant spinners on a game board. They help trains change direction with a twist, just like spinning a top!
  • Whistle Tunes: Train whistles have their own special tunes, like musical instruments! They sing to each other to say, “Here I come, get ready!”
  • Cab Cars: Train's Head and Tail: Some trains have special cars that act like the head or tail of an animal. They're like the train's eyes, helping it see where to go!5
  • Pullman Cars: Luxury Hotels on Wheels: Pullman cars are like magical hotel rooms that move! Imagine having your own cozy bed on a train journey, with a view of the passing landscapes.
  • Double-Decker Trains: Up, Up, and Away!: Double-decker trains are like double-decker buses, but way cooler! You can sit upstairs and feel like you're flying over the countryside.
  • Colorful Railroad Lanterns: Railroad lanterns are like traffic lights for trains, but with colors and patterns that dance in the dark, guiding trains safely on their way.
  • Train Horn Symphony: Train horns are like a band playing music with loud instruments! They blast their horns to say, “Hello, everyone! Here comes the train!”
  • Steam Train Whistle Magic: The steam train whistle is like a magic wand that makes music with steam! It goes “toot-toot” to announce the train's arrival.
  • Air Brake Dance: Train brakes are like dancers twirling and spinning to slow down the train's dance moves. They do a graceful dance of stopping and starting!
  • Freight Cars: Treasure Chests on Wheels: Freight cars are like treasure chests carrying all kinds of surprises! They're filled with toys, food, cars, and even animals on their way to new homes.
  • Friendly Conductors: Conductors are like friendly wizards on the train, waving their wands (or tickets) and saying, “All aboard for a magical journey!”
  • Platform Adventures: Train platforms are like magical gateways to exciting adventures! They're where you start your journey to new places and meet new friends.
  • Steel Wheels Rollin': Train wheels are like knights in shining armor, rolling bravely along the tracks. They're strong and unstoppable, ready for any adventure! 
  • Track Inspections: The Detective Work: Train tracks have their own detectives who check them regularly for clues to keep them safe and smooth for train adventures!
  • Timetable Treasure Maps: Train timetables are like treasure maps showing the way to exciting destinations and hidden gems along the route.
  • Ticket Adventures: Train tickets are like magic keys that unlock doors to fantastic journeys. Hold onto them tightly, and they'll take you on the ride of your life!
  • Engine Names: Train Heroes: Train engines have their own names, like brave heroes on a quest! They're ready to lead the way on daring adventures across the land.
  • Ballast Builders: Ballast is like the secret ingredient that makes train tracks strong and steady. It's the magic potion that keeps trains rolling smoothly!
  • Headlight Explorers: Train headlights are like brave explorers lighting up the path ahead, ready to discover new sights and surprises along the way.
  • Coupler Connections: Train Hugs: Train cars link up with special hugs called couplers! They hold onto each other tightly, like friends on a journey together.
  • Signal Stories: Train signals are like storytellers with colorful lights and flags. They share tales of caution, adventure, and excitement along the tracks!
  • Interior Escapades: Inside train cars, it's like stepping into a magical world of comfy seats, yummy snacks, and friendly faces. Every journey is a new adventure waiting to happen!
  • Scenic Wonders: Train routes take you on amazing adventures through breathtaking landscapes. It's like watching a giant nature movie unfold right outside your window!

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  • Includes one operator
  • Operator 23629346 Trackless TrainOperator

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