V5 Ultimate Euro Bungee Trampoline 4 Station


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Product Information:

Available for rent April 15, 2024

Welcome to Game Craze Party Rentals, your go-to source for exciting entertainment in Norton, Ohio, proudly serving Akron, Canton, and Cleveland! Get ready for an adrenaline rush with our latest sensation – the V5 Ultimate Bungee Trampoline. This high-flying, heart-pounding experience is set to elevate your event to new heights!

The V5 Ultimate Bungee System stands out as the pinnacle of bungee trampolines, offering a choice between a 4 or 5 station setup. Unleash your inner acrobat as you perform front flips, back flips, and bounce up to 20 feet in the air! Up to 5 participants at a time can revel in this exhilarating ride, securely harnessed with bungee cords attached to each side of their harness.

What makes our V5 Ultimate Bungee System exceptional is its innovative hydraulic device, automatically elevating the bungee cords with each jump. This dynamic feature creates a more thrilling and engaging experience compared to traditional bungee trampolines. Safety is paramount, allowing participants to bounce and flip freely while securely held in the safety harness.

Taking your event to the next level is a breeze with the V5 Ultimate Bungee Jump! Ideal for school carnivals, company picnics, birthday parties, and any gathering where extreme high-flying fun is a must. Jump up to 20 feet in the air and become the talk of the town!

Our V5 Ultimate Bungee Trampolines have set a new standard in popular event attractions, guaranteeing the longest lines and the most excitement at your gathering. Suitable for riders of all ages, participants must meet a minimum weight of 30lbs and a maximum weight of 225lbs. Safety is our priority, and attendants are on hand to assist every rider, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience.

Built in the USA by Spectrum Sports in Utah, our V5 Ultimate Bungee Trampolines undergo rigorous state inspections and annual third-party engineering evaluations. Prioritizing safety, we make your jump a secure and unforgettable experience. Don't miss out on the excitement – book the V5 Ultimate Bungee Trampoline for your next event and let the thrills begin!

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

25′ x 7.5′ x 9.5′

Space Needed:

36′ x 32′ x 22′


  • Customer to provide second volunteer to increase throughput.
  • Operator 23629346 V5 Ultimate Euro Bungee Trampoline 4 StationOperator

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